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portrait gallery
Good galleries, places of interest in photography and drawing in London.?

I have to start packing my sketchbook a little more, anyone know any good place with interesting architecture or things to watch for drawing and photography. I want to go to galleries. I know the Gallery Theatre, Portrait Gallery and the Tate Moden and Britain, but not anyone know any other cool (and free) places you could go? Preferably on the inside too!

You might try to sketch the cast Victorian architectural features of Leadenhall Market, Leadenhall Street (open at the ends, but covered), or Covent Garden Market. Both are freely available. The sizes of the animals in the columns inside the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, or perhaps the Cast Court of Justice (plaster casts of monuments and statues) in the Victoria and Albert Museum next door may give you some interesting topics. Both are, to my knowledge, free.

National Portrait Gallery – Student Orientation Video

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